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Our constituency Association was founded or re-constituted in October 2016 based on the Ontario's refreshed 2015 Representation Act which set out new boundaries for most of Ontario's provincial electoral districts which are generally (save for Northern Ontario) aligned with each district's federal electoral district boundary.

The Oshawa electoral district consists of that part of the Regional Municipality of Durham comprised of that part of the City of Oshawa lying southerly of Taunton Rd W and Taunton Rd E. In other words, that portion of the City of Oshawa from (and including) the South side of Taunton Rd to Lake Ontario, from the city's westernmost to easternmost boundary.

Our Board and membership's mandate is to recruit, nominate, fund and elect an Ontario PC Member of Provincial Parliament for Oshawa's provincial electoral district.

Our candidate of record is Bob Chapman. In the June 2018 provincial election, Bob and our terrific team of volunteers fought a highly competitive battle to reclaim our riding from its NDP incumbent. Regrettably, we came up a little short despite working flat out for more than a year to earn 42% of the popular vote -- a remarkable 11.3% increase in our local popular support as compared to the previous PC candidate's 2014 result.

While this very close loss (just 3% of the popular vote) was disappointing for our candidate and local team, our strong and talented volunteers remain committed to turning Oshawa blue during the next provincial general election, currently scheduled for June 2, 2022.

To stay involved -- or get involved -- with our Association and help us prepare for the next provincial campaign, drop us a line anytime.

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